Having a bigger frame can make it a little harder to balance and hold yourself
up. However, being plus-sized doesn’t mean that you can’t have a physically
challenging practice. Yoga is truly for everybody and anybody regardless of age,
gender, flexibility or size. You are successful as long as you continue
to grow and change. 

To get started with a yoga practice, there are a few concepts to know in
order to maintain a practice. The first is to practice “Ahimsa” which is
a Sanskrit for “do no harm”. Ahimsa is one of
the foundational concepts to practice yoga. While this can apply to our
everyday lifestyles, it also applies to yoga asanas(postures) practice. When
practicing yoga, it is important to not push so hard through the postures to
the point of hurting ourselves. By being kind and compassionate towards
ourselves we can have a long and prosperous practice.

Another thing to be aware of is to befriend props and modifications. Modifications
and props can help make postures accessible to everyone in a way that’s
appropriate for their body so they can get the most out of the posture.

Finally, practicing on a regular basis will help practitioners get all of
the benefits of yoga. 10 minutes of yoga,  5 days a week will help develop
healthy habits versus a one-hour yoga class every now and then.

We will outline some perfect beginner poses to get started out with.
They can be practiced in the full expression of the posture but we will also
include some modifications that may or may not be needed for you. Consistently
practicing these poses will help you in gaining a little more confidence and
making your body quite flexible. You’ll start feeling energetic and as light as
a feather.

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